Abdu Rozik (Abdu) - Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Income, Height & Lifestyle

Abdu Rozik (Abdu) - Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Income, Height & Lifestyle

abdu rozik

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  • Abdu Rozik's Biography 
  • Abdu Rozi Wiki
  • Abdu Rozik Family Members
  • Weekly earnings of Bigg Boss 16
  • Abdu Rozik Social Profiles
  • Abdu Roziks Luxurious Lifestyle

Abdu Rozik's Biography 

The world's tiniest vocalist is Abdu Rozik, a Tajikistani singer. Being born in Tajikistan gave him the unique talent of being able to sing Tajik rap songs, which helped him gain popularity and a fan base right away. He might be uploading videos to the Avlod Media YouTube channel, where viewers can watch them. As of right now, his channel has over 340 thousand subscribers.

Abdu Rozik, who is only 20 years old and stands at 94 cm (3 feet 1 inch) due to a growth hormone shortage, overcame physical limitations to become a sensation in India, earning the passionate nickname "Chota Bhaijaan" (Little Brother). Well-known for his catchy voice and classics like "Ohi Dili Zor" and "Vatan Modar," Rozik has moved smoothly into acting, winning over viewers in both movies and reality TV, including a season on Bigg Boss 16.

Abdu Rozik Wiki

Abdu Rozik

DOB, Age, Birthplace
  • Sept 23, 2003; 21 years
  • Gishdarva, Panjakent District, Tajikistan
Family Members 
  • Savriqul Muhammad (Father) 
  • Rooh Afza (Mother)
  • N/A (Brother)

  • Upto Class 10th
Most Popular For
  • Tajikistan singer, vocalist, and Musician
  • Big Boss 16
Religion                 Islam

Nationality             Tazik

Zodiac Sign              Virgo

Height                 Feet: 3feet 1inch

Weight                In kilograms: 18 Kg 

Profession         Tajikistan singer, vocalist, and Musician

Net Worth         $500,000.

Abdu Rozik Family Members

When we look at Abdu Rozik's family, we find that Rooh Afza is his mother and Savriqul Muhammad is his father, a gardener. Abdu Rozik also has two brothers and two sisters.

Weekly earnings of Bigg Boss 16

Big Boss

Abdu Rozik, who is used to an ultra-luxurious lifestyle, finds it tough to adjust to living at Bigg Boss' house and having to compete for food. A few reports state that he receives around 2.5L a week for his work on the show.

Abdu Rozik Net Worth

Abdu Rozik's net worth has increased to about $500,000. This can be linked to his popularity as a YouTube video maker and singer in motion pictures. Considering that he makes his living from this as well.

 Abdu Rozik Social Profiles

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Abdu Rozik Education & Career

Abdu Rozik went to a nearby institution to finish his high school education, but he hasn't returned. Because of this, not much is known about his educational history. He had a strong love of music from an early age, which motivated him to sing more when he heard songs. Bekhruz Zugurov recognized his talent early on and gave him encouragement to follow his musical dreams. Beginning with the Avlod Media channel on YouTube, Abdu Rozik began uploading his songs. Several of his works, such as "Oshiqami," "Ohi Dili Zor," and "ChakiChaki Boron," became popular and lucrative hits.

Abdu Rozik Luxurious Lifestyle

Luxurious Lifestyle

• Luxury cars

As a passionate "automobile junkie," Abdu follows in the footsteps of other well-known petrolheads. Among the vehicles in his remarkable collection are a Rolls Royce, two Mercedes Benz New C-Class 1197-2022, and a Ferrari, each with a customized number plate that bears his name.

• Helicopter

abdu rozik helicopter

He uses a helicopter to avoid traffic even though he drives some of the priciest cars. The social media celebrity claimed owns a luxurious home with a helipad in Tajikistan.

• Golden shoes

When someone has twenty-four carrot-gold shoes, you know they are wealthy. Actually! Abdu Rozik wears shoes made of gold. He has been displaying his shoes to the other competitors, and he showed that the golden shoes he was wearing cost him $5000, or roughly 4 lakhs eighty thousand rupees.


1. What is the net worth of Abdu Rozik?

-> Abdu Rozik is estimated to be worth $500,000.

2. What is the height of Abdu Rozik?

-> Abdu Rozik is three feet one inch tall.

3. What is the weight of Abdu Rozik?

-> 38 lbs in pounds; 17 kg in kilograms.

4. What Is the Disease of Abdul Rozik?

-> Due to rickets, a childhood illness, Abdu Rozik is small in stature.

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