Orhan Awatramani (ORRY) - Net Worth 2024, Age, Income, Religion & Family

Orry - Net Worth, Age, Income, Religion & Family

Orhan Awatramani

Who Is Orry ?

Meet Orhan Awatramani, a Mumbai-based social activist and animator better known as Orry. He socializes with celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood, frequently seen at high-profile occasions with Sara Ali Khan, Nysa Devgn, and Ananya Pandey. Orry has political connections in addition to his entertainment ones; he interacts with people like Smriti Irani and even the Kardashian family, most notably through his friendship with Kylie Jenner. Isha, the daughter of Mukesh Ambani, and other individuals are rumored to be close to Orry, but he keeps a low profile on social media and rarely confirms his relationships.

It's now accepted that the socialite is 'Bollywood's  BFF'. And for good reason. He is frequently spotted going on vacation with Bollywood celebrities and mingling with them.

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  • Orhan Awatramani Net Worth 
  • What is Orry's work?
  • Orhan Awatramani Career
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    Orhan Awatramani Wiki

    Orhan Awatramani Wiki

    DOB, Age, Birthplace & Residence
    • 2 August 1999
    • N/A
    • Mumbai

    Family Members 
    • Jorj Awatramani (Father)
    • Shahnaz Awatramani (Mother)
    • Spouse (Unmarried)
    • Bachelors in Fine Arts
    Popular For
    • Big Boss Season 17 Wild Card Entry

    Religion            Hindu

    Nationality           Indian

    Zodiac Sign          Leo

    Height                 5 feet 7 inches

    Weight                56 Kg

    Profession          Internet Personality

    Orhan Awatramani Net Worth 

    Orry, who comes from a wealthy family with ties to Nita Ambani and Bollywood, is thought to be worth about Rs 8 crore. His lavish lifestyle, which is defined by his love of expensive cars and technology, offers an insight into the glamorous world he lives in. One of the most valuable items in his collection is a Mercedes that is estimated to be worth Rs 1.7 crore, which perfectly captures his taste for luxury.

    Net Worth $10 million (Rs 83 Cr INR)

    Wealth              Rs. 8 crores

    Owned Properties and Their Evaluation: INR 8 Cr

    What is Orry's work?

    Let me introduce you to Orhan Awatramani, a popular young star in Bollywood who is known for his opulent style and frequent appearances at prestigious events. Orry, as he is known, is somewhat of a mystery, freely acknowledging that he doesn't work a 9 to 5.

    Orry characterized himself as a jack-of-all-trades in a recent interview, including singer, songwriter, and fashion enthusiast. There's a catch, though: Orhan lists himself as a Special Project Manager at Reliance Industries Limited, the enormous company owned by Mukesh Ambani, on LinkedIn.

    Not to mention Orry's close friendships with Isha Ambani and Radhika Merchant, which lend even more mystery to his intriguing character.

    Orhan Awatramani Career

    Orhan Awatramani Career

    Orhan Awatramani became recognized in the industry due to his relationships with Bollywood celebrities. He frequently appears with these celebrities and frequently posts photos of himself with their offspring.
    In addition to being a social media influencer, he works as a project manager at Reliance Industries since 2017, according to his LinkedIn profile. Orry has finished his animation course and is about to start working in the industry.

    Orry's Luxurious Lifestyle

    Orry's Luxurious Lifestyle

    Orry seems to be bounded by luxury all the time in his lavish way of life. 
    His belongings make it clear that he never settles for anything less than the best. Consider his most valuable asset, a sleek Mercedes that is estimated to be worth an astounding Rs 1.7 crore, which demonstrates his taste for luxury.

    The lavishness doesn't end there, though. Orry wears a watch on his wrist that is worth an incredible Rs 45 lakh. It's the much-coveted Rolex watch. This piece of jewellery not only tells the time but also represents his impeccable taste and affluent status. It appears that Orry only accepts the most upscale and lavish things, which is signs of his shamelessly lavish way of life.

    Orhan Awatramani Social Profiles

    Orry's Achievements 

    A significant achievement of Orry's was his presence at the highly regarded Met Gala in 2023 with Isha Ambani, the billionaire Mukesh Ambani's daughter. Orry is well known for his flawless sense of style, regularly dressing in luxury brands like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. He looked stunning at the Met Gala wearing a Balenciaga outfit that included sneakers that cost Rs 90,000 and a T-shirt that cost Rs 65,000.


    • Golden Globe Awards
    • BAFTA Awards
    • Orhan Awatramani Achievements 
    • Best Director Awards
    • British Academy Film Awards
    • Critics' Choice Awards


    1. What is the profession of Orry?

    Ans -> Orry is an influential person and socialite.

    2. What is Orry's approach to using his social media accounts?

    Ans ->Orry uses his social media platform to encourage personal development and well-being as well as to bring attention to social issues.

    3. How much is the estimated net worth of Orhan Awatramani?

    Ans ->Orhan Awatramani's estimated net worth of nearly Rs. 2 crore is a testament to his success and opulent way of living.

    4. Who is the girlfriend of Orhan Awatramani?

    Ans -> Despite neither of them having confirmed the rumors, Orhan Awatramnai and Janhvi Kapoor are thought to be dating. This is assumed because of their frequent attendance at events together.


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