Manoj Dey - Net Worth 2024, Age, Wife, Income & YT Career

Manoj Dey - Net Worth, Age, Income & YT Career

Manoj Dey

Manoj Dey, a popular YouTuber, has successfully won over his audience's hearts with his captivating content and charming online presence. He has a large following thanks to his interesting videos and captivating vlogs, and he has successfully used the internet to build a strong financial foundation. This article explores Manoj Dey's net worth, monthly income, and the priceless things he gained from his internet efforts.

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Manoj Dey Wiki 

Manoj Dey

DOB, Age, Birthplace & Home
  • July 14, 1996; 27 years
  • Jharia village, Dhanbad, Jharkhand
  • Dhanbad, Jharkhand
Family Members 
  • Bhikhu Modak (Father) 
  • Not Known (Mother)
  • Kirron Kher (Wife/Girlfriend)
  • Sikandar Kher (Son)
  • Not Known (Sibling-1)
  • Dr. SPM Inter College, Sindri
Debut Videos
  • On Manoj Dey: J5 & J7 (2015) Nougat Update Related Good news!! (2017)
  • On Manoj Dey Vlogs: A Day with Youtuber Shruti in Dhanbad (2018)
Most Popular Videos
  •  YouTube Video Upload Karne Ka Sahi Tarika 
  • Gifted New Phone to Talented Boy Sajid Khan!! Emotional
  • Silver Play Button by YouTube (2018)
  • Dhanbad Gaurav award (2023)

Religion                 Hindu

Nationality             Indian

Zodiac Sign              Cancer

Height                 5 feet 7 inches

Weight                58 Kg

Hobbies               Singing

Profession           Youtuber

Manoj Dey's Assets, Monthly Salary, and Net Worth

The colorful YouTuber Manoj Dey has captured viewers' attention with his captivating videos and positive outlook. Manoj, who was always passionate about making videos, jumped headfirst into his YouTube career, determined to both educate and entertain his audience.

Net Worth $2 million

Monthly Income  Rs. 7 lakhs

Yearly Income Rs. 50 lakhs

Wealth     Rs. 16 crores

Owned Properties and Their Valuation  Rs. 1.5 Crore

Other Assets and Their Valuation     Rs. 51.15 Lakhs

Manoj Dey Personal Life

Manoj Dey was born on July 14, 1996, in Jharia village, in the Dhanbad district of Jharkhand. He comes from a low-income family and had a simple childhood. His father, Bhikhu Modak, supports the family's middle-class lifestyle by running a bicycle repair shop in Dhanbad. Manoj, who has two sisters—Arpita Karmarkar Dey among them—and one brother, saw both of his older sisters get married.

Although facing financial difficulties in his early years, Manoj attended a government primary school for his primary education. He then pursued his education in Sindri, Jharkhand's Dr. SPM Inter College. Though he had hopes of earning a B. Tech, he had to enroll in an Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in order to receive a more affordable education due to financial limitations.

Manoj sold his PC as a sacrifice to pay the ITI costs.
Manoj Dey and Jyoti Shree Mahato chose to get married in March 2023 after becoming friends for five years. Nevertheless, Manoj's family first rejected their marriage. The pair decided to elope to Kolkata with the help of friends, unfazed. After marriage, family acceptance grew and cohabitation became peaceful.
Manoj wanted to study technology and singing, but his lack of professional training in singing led him to work in a telecom store instead. He became interested of pets and even had a dog of his own, named Max.

Manoj Dey Career

Manoj Dey Career

Manoj Dey found employment in Gujarat after graduating from college, where he was paid Rs. 10,000 per month. Still, he chose to resign from this position and go back to his hometown of Dhanbad. He joined the "Success Mantra" coaching center when he got back to Dhanbad to start getting ready for a government job.
Manoj was preparing for a government job when he happened upon a YouTube video at a nearby cybercafé that explained how to make money on the site. His passion was sparked by this discovery, and he soon started his own YouTube channel with singing videos. Even after receiving backlash and shutting down that channel, Manoj didn't let it stop him from looking into other internet revenue streams.

Nov. 24, 2016: He launched a new YouTube channel called "Manoj Dey." This channel developed into an area for discussing tech evaluations, online money-making strategies, and other topics. His work began to acquire popularity over time, leading to his first YouTube salary of 14,000 rupees. 'Manoj Dey' became a huge hit over time, gaining more than 5.15 million subscribers.
Moving a step further, Manoj started 'Manoj Dey Vlogs,' a channel that has an astounding 1.17 million subscribers. He acquired the distinction of being named Dhanbad's brand ambassador in 2022. In an additional achievement, he worked with Jyoti Shree Mahato, his girlfriend, in the Hindi music video "Fariyaad," which was posted on his side YouTube channel.

Manoj Dey Net Worth

A rough estimate of Manoj Dey's net worth is $2 million, or around Rs. 16 crores. In recent years, his net worth has grown by 10%.

Manoj Dey Owned House

Manoj Dey bought land to construct a new home for his family, which is scheduled to be completed in 2023 after work started in 2022. This luxurious home was built for about Rs. 1.5 crores.

Manoj Dey Social Media Accounts


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Manoj Dey Achievements & Story

Manoj Dey Achievements

  • Manoj Dey's YouTube channel was awarded a Silver Play Button in 2018.
  • A member of parliament from Dhanbad bestowed upon him the Dhanbad Gaurav award in 2023.

Manoj Dey was one of the first people to contribute educational debut videos, back in 2017, when he provided details on the much anticipated Android upgrade for the J5 & J7 (2015) models. 

He then switched to Manoj Dey Vlogs, where he gave fans an engaging look at a day in the busy town of Dhanbad in 2018 spent with popular YouTuber Shruti. His ability to offer priceless counsel, as shown in his hugely famous video "YouTube Video Upload Karne Ka Sahi Tarika," was what, however, really cemented his reputation in the online community. 
Furthermore, his kind act of giving the incredibly gifted Sajid Khan a brand-new phone drove people to tears.

Manoj Dey's efforts and creativity were recognized, as he was awarded the renowned Dhanbad Gaurav award in 2023 and the prestigious Silver Play Button from YouTube in 2018. Manoj Dey is leaving an enduring impression on the digital landscape with his major projects and engaging content.


1. Who is Jharkhand's top YouTuber?

-> Manoj Dey is Jharkhand's #1 spots youtuber, with two channels on YouTube: the first has 45.7 lakh subscribers and the second has 11.1 lakh subscribers.

2. Who is Manoj Dey's Wife?

-> Jyoti Shree Mahato.

3. What is Manoj Dey's age?

-> On July 12, 1997, Manoj Dey was born in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India. As of 2024, he is 27 years old.

4. What is Manoj Dey's net worth be in 2023?

-> A rough estimate of Manoj Dey's net worth is $2 million, or around Rs. 16 crores. In recent years, his net worth has grown by 10%.

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